Jello Shots for Partiers, Patients

JevoTo Jeff Jetton, the four hours it takes to make Jello shots is an eternity—and an opportunity. Bars love selling the jiggly, boozy confections because they’re money makers. But no bartender or sous-chef likes boiling water, mixing the powder, adding the booze, and…waiting. And making more at midnight after you sell out isn’t an option, so you end up leaving money in partiers’ pockets. Enter: the Jevo!

Spend $20,000 to Kill Yourself, and $5,000 to Save Your Life

Moto_ThumbnailDavid Hanig knows about crashing things. While house-sitting in 1998, he drove his rich uncle’s Ferrari 348 TS sports car over an embankment and into the Connecticut woods, Ferris Bueller–style. Now, as a motorcycle racer, crashing is part of the deal, and he’s ready for it with a $5,000 leather suit.

Windows for Your Inner Caveman

Indow_ThumbnailSerial entrepreneur Sam Pardue started Indow Windows because he was worried about global warming. He never thought people would use his product to simulate sleeping conditions from before the Bronze Age.

Chris King Never Left

King_ThumbUntil this year, few people beyond his 96 employees saw inside Chris King’s bicycle factory in Portland. The cagey manufacturer makes everything in an old coffee roasting plant, and he zealously guards the secrets that have helped his company thrive despite competition from Asia.
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For Good Pinot, Get a Cow Skull

Rudy Marchesi and his girlfriend spent one Saturday in October stuffing 140 hollow cow horns with manure and burying them on his Oregon vineyard. It’s the secret to a great pinot noir.

Stumptown Is Bikevana

Bikes_ThumbIn other cities, welders pull up to a job in oversize pickup trucks rattling with tools and pressurized tanks of gas. In Portland, Oregon, at least one arrives by bicycle, towing his gear in a two-wheeled trailer.

Seaside Locals Worse Than Sharks

Surfing in Oregon isn’t for the faint of heart. The water is often a frigid 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celsius), and three-story swells occasionally push tree trunks onto beaches like giant rolling pins.